Antonio Severn-Gonzalez

Antonio Severn-Gonzalez

Growing up as a low income family, we would move almost every three years. Sadly, my family had to move a week before it was time for me to go to Outdoor School. Being a sixth grader living in Rockwood, ODS was as close to nature as we would get. I was super bummed that I didn't get to go. To this day I wish I could have gone as a sixth grader. As the final song we sing to our kids goes, "In four short years a time and place for you."

My four years finally came: my opportunity to be a Student Leader! I was super excited! I knew right away that I wanted to go! Since then I've gone to Outdoor School seven times, which is really rare for a junior. Outdoor School has helped me confirm that I definitely want to be a teacher! Like me, Outdoor School defies the norms of education. ODS gives me the freedom to adjust my lessons so it can meet the educational needs of each child. It provides kids with a home. Even though we're only together for one week, Outdoor School will always be a home to kids, student leaders and staff. I'm so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community. 

Because of ODS, I've adopted this quote to my daily life: "Things worth doing are hard."

Lastly, Outdoor School gave me the courage to apply to the middle college program at Mt. Hood Community College to begin my college career as a senior in high school. Thank you Outdoor School for giving me the space to do what I love: teach!

Outdoor School Name: Proton