Angelina Suarez

Being an Outdoor School counselor changed my life! It was such an amazing experience of self discovery. You learn so many important life lessons, like the value of friendship, and how to be a leader. You fall in love with the staff and the children and realize that there is more to this world than what we see on a daily basis. There is love and compassion, there is friendship—and more than what we do and say on our phones. There is a real world out there where things like your clothes and what you look like don't matter. The children take you in and care for you, they respect you and look up to you. And if you think you can't build a friendship in a week then you haven't been to ODS.

However, I think the most important lesson I learned from this experience is that everything you do matters; you can make a difference. Not only in yourself and who you are but in the people around you: your friends, your sixth graders, the staff, and your community when you come back. Let me tell you, you will come back a whole new person—a more loving, observant, caring individual that is waiting for the next chance to go back to Outdoor School, the best place on Earth. Because as one very smart person said during my time there, "If everyone came to Outdoor School this world would be a better place." And I agree wholeheartedly!