Alice Lambert

On April 10, 2016 my life changed forever. After boarding a bus with complete strangers, singing songs, playing games, and arriving at Camp Magruder, a new version of myself was born. For the next week, I was an Outdoor School counselor and I helped teach the kids valuable lessons, while also learning about myself. I worked with an amazing bunch of kids and inspiring staff. The week was so incredible that I went back for two more weeks. This experience has changed my perspective on life drastically and from now on, I vow to make a difference wherever I go.

On the kids side of this, Outdoor School is an amazing way to learn. They are too busy participating in fun activities to realize that they are learning as well. Outdoor School is a great place to help kids be comfortable and confident in their own skin.

On the other hand, Outdoor School is an amazing experience for the student leaders. Everyone starts with a clean slate. Nobody knows who you are or what you're like. You get a chance to really be who you want to be without fear of being judged. Also, you get to work on skills such as leadership and communication. Outdoor School helps educate, build character and confidence, and inspire—all while having fun. This experience has changed my life forever and it's something I will never forget.