A Friends of Outdoor School project

About the OutdoorStories Project

In late spring 2016, the OutdoorStories Project began collecting, recording, documenting and disseminating more than 100 personal stories from Oregonians of all ages and backgrounds. These narratives told of the impact of Outdoor School and outdoor education on each of their lives. 

Whether it’s about personal transformation, the chance to lead others, receiving safe refuge or a kind voice when it is needed most, learning about our unique Oregon heritage with their own two (muddy!) hands, or the timeless tradition of singing songs while bonding around the campfire, many Oregonians have important stories to tell about the outdoor educational experiences that changed their lives in positive and often substantial ways.

Friends of Outdoor School is deeply invested in using this project to bolster underrepresented voices, striving to ensure visibility for rural and low-income Oregonians as well as our communities of color, so all stories can be heard.

Do you have a story about how Outdoor School, or another outdoor education experience, changed you?
We'd love to hear it!